Property Purchase Program (VRPP)


The Voluntary Residential Property Purchase Program (VRPP) is operated by Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Land Trust Society, which was created in 2006. The VRPP was established to provide an equitable, efficient, and economical process of acquiring residential properties of rural landowners currently located within the Policy Area of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. The VRPP is considered to be a very unique and progressive approach to addressing the concerns and issues identified in having heavy industry and residential temporarily co-exist during the transition period.

The Land Trust Society has completed three rounds of voluntary purchase programs. In each round, landowners are eligible to apply based on several factors such as a primary residence in the Heartland and living close to one or multiple industries. Completed applications are evaluated using a specific set of criteria. This includes proximity to one or multiple industrial sites, size of nearby industrial operations, length of residency, and extenuating circumstances. Also considered is the status of nearby industrial operations which can vary from undergoing regulatory approval to completely operational. Since the program began, the VRPP has helped seven families relocate outside the Heartland.

Funding the Program

The success of the VRPP thus far would not be possible without financial support through capital contributions and annual membership fees. The Land Trust Society membership and capital contributors are comprised of municipalities and various industries located within the Policy Area of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

Program Updates

The Land Trust Society Board of Directors is currently reassessing the VRPP. This will help determine the future of the VRPP to ensure a fair and equitable program for both residents and funders of the Land Trust Society.

For information on the program, please contact:

Ryerson Christie
Program Manager, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Land Trust Society