Property For Sale


The Land Trust Society owns industrial properties that have been acquired through the Voluntary Residential Property Purchase (VRPP) program. The following properties currently owned by the Land Trust Society will be sold via auction by Ritchie Bros at the end of October. More specific details will be posted as they become available.

  • Pt. SE 28-56-22-W4 (2.5 ac +/-)
  • Pt. SW 26-55-22-W4 (3.84 ac +/-)
  • N1/2 SW 36-56-22-W4 (80 ac +/-)
  • NE 21 56-21-W4 (155 ac +/-)

For further details contact:

Ryerson Christie
Program Manager, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Land Trust Society
780.998.7453 ext 4