The Land Trust Society was established in 2006 to purchase property from area residents living in close proximity to industrial development who voluntarily wish to sell their property. The Voluntary Residential Property Purchase Program (VRPP) provides these residents an opportunity to have the Land Trust Society purchase their property that may not have otherwise been purchased by municipalities or industry.

The VRPP was structured to be funded by local and provincial governments and industry. The “economic return” on the capital investment of these groups included a sense of goodwill within the community as well as a simpler and shorter regulatory process.

Becoming a Member

Membership in the Land Trust Society consists of local municipalities as well as industrial stakeholders located in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. Each member plays a key role in funding current and future rounds of the VRPP as well as the day-to-day operations of the Land Trust Society.

To become a member, the following form must be completed: Membership Information Form

For information on becoming a member, please contact:
Ryerson Christie
Program Manager, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Land Trust Society

Membership Categories

Membership categories are mainly based on differences in the funding provided to the Society. Membership is classified into two distinct categories:

Capital Contributor Member

A capital contributor member contributes funding according to a formula approved by the LTS Membership. The formula is based on 0.05% of the replacement value of NEW or EXPANDING industrial facilities.

Example: A $1 billion dollar capital investment would create a $500,000 capital contribution to the LTS

NEW facility is described as:

  • Natural gases and oil wells
  • Oil and gas batteries, petro-chemical plants and other facilities requiring regulatory approval
  • Pipeline terminals
  • Coal mines
  • Commercial oil sands processing plants
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Any development assessed Heavy Industrial (HI) under municipal development policies

EXPANDING facility is described as:

  • Expansion of a facility will be subject to amendments required from regulatory authorities

Membership Agreement

A capital contributor member must sign a “Capital Contributor Membership Agreement” based on the stages of development in the Heartland Region.

Stage 1:

a) Public disclosure
b) Regulatory – Company discloses the estimated cost of the project & moves to public hearing
c) Obtaining regulatory approval

Stage 2:

a) Company approval – Commercial or sanctioned approval
b) Reconciliation of project costs and distribution of capital contribution payment

Stage 3:

a) Construction – Great impact due to noise pollution and operations
b) Final top up of the capital contribution payments to be paid in full no later than Stage 3 and by the end of construction.

The Land Trust Society will work with the Capital Contributor Member to facilitate suitable payment arrangements assigned to the above stages of development.

Benefits for Capital Contributor Members

  • Voting rights on all decisions affecting the LTS at the Annual General Meeting; financial decisions must be carried with 50% share of capital contributing members
  • Annual letter of good standing and certificate as a member of the LTS
  • LTS will communicate to the public at large through local advertisements (i.e. newspapers) the members’ commitment to providing capital contributions, based on prior written consent from each industry stakeholder
  • LTS will communicate to the regulatory authorities regarding the support provided by the industry stakeholders as well as the industry’s commitment to development with AIH

Program Supporter Member

A program supporter member pays an annual fee of $5,000 to the LTS to financially support its initiatives.

A program supporter member must sign a “Program Supporter Membership Agreement” with the LTS which outlines the member’s commitment to the Society.

Benefits for Program Supporter Members

  • Participate in the Annual General Meeting and vote on decisions that affect LTS operations
  • Receive an annual certificate for being a Program Supporter Member
  • If a program supporter member has industrial development that warrants a change in membership to a Capital Contributor Member, the Land Trust Society will waive the annual fee and a new capital contributor membership Master agreement will be signed.