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Ryerson Christie
Program Manager, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Land Trust Society

Suite 303, 9940 99 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, T8L 4G8

About the Land Trust Society

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Land Trust Society was established in 2006. The not-for-profit organization was created for the primary purpose of acquiring property from residential land owners that are located in close proximity to heavy industry in the Policy Area of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

Objective of the Land Trust Society

To facilitate, collaborate and assist residents currently located within the Policy Area voluntarily relocate outside this heavy industrial area, through a program called the Voluntary Residential Property Purchase Program (VRPP).

Board of Directors and Staff

The Land Trust Society is governed and administers the VRPP under the guidance of a seven member Board of Directors. This Board represents a variety of stakeholders, including corporations who have committed to investing directly or indirectly to the program, municipal partners of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, as well as the public at large.

The Society also has two administrative support staff, including the Program Manager and Secretary Treasurer. The Program Manager is responsible for implementing the Strategic Plan, administration of the VRPP Program, and managing the annual operating budget, under the supervision of the Executive Director of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association and the Land Trust Society Board of Directors.

Public Members

Mr. John Navratil Sr.

Mr. Brian Brigden
Principal, Sturgeon Composite High School

Industry Members

Mr. Doug Bertsch
VP Regulatory Affairs
North West Redwater Partnership

Mr. Garry Dlouhy
Senior Manager

Ms. Tanya Gray
HSSE Manager
Shell Canada

Municipal Members

Ms. Joyce Perkins
Manager, Planning Initiatives
Strathcona County

Mr. Peter Tarnawsky
Chief Administrative Officer
Sturgeon County

Administrative Support

Secretary Treasurer

Ms. Joyce Perkins
Manager, Planning Initiatives
Strathcona County

Program Manager

Ryerson Christie
Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Land Trust Society